#Krewechats - Episode 14: WILD Speculation about the Adobe Marketo Acquisition!

Level 10 - Champion Alumni
Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Hey there #MKTGNation!

You're talking about it, your boss is talking about it, and you're clutching your purple swag to your heart as the shadow of the big red machine looms overhead. Adobe has acquired Marketo for a cool $4.75 billion as of September 20th - but what does this mean for you, your company and our beloved Marketo? We got the gang back together to discuss our take on the acquisition and what this will mean for Marketo and us as B2B Marketers. I cannot emphasize enough that we don't have any insider information that you can't access on the internet, this is just our take on what we've heard so far.

Overall, we are all really excited about what this change will bring, and looking forward to seeing Marketo invest more and more into its core platform!

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We want to hear from you! What is your take on the acquisition? And more importantly, what swag are you hoping to snag from Purple Select before it's gone!

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