Inherited a Marketo Measure (Bizible) Instance? Check out the Instance Audit and Setup Guides!

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Have you inherited, or are you just kicking off your journey with Marketo Measure (formerly Bizible), and you don’t exactly know where to start? I hope that this post and subsequent resources help you get started off on the right foot!


At the very highest level, you have a few things that need to be checked over and/or set up.


  1. Template sheets for setup. Get all your ducks in a row before you even dive into the system! This is also a great way to keep track of any changes as your org changes. Since you will likely make changes to Marketo Measure and will need to have a central document all team members can access and reference, this is a best practice to have up to date. It also serves as a changelog to reference when understanding what changes were made, when, in case that is needed down the line. (See the Marketo Measure (Bizible) Channel and CRM Campaign Setup attachment in this post!)
  2. The Marketo Measure app. This is the place you navigate to via the Adobe Admin Console and do all of your setup for your Marketo Measure tracking, connections to Ad platforms, and CRM setup. Remember you will likely make changes here often, so it is good practice to come back and check that all the connections are working, and that your channel and campaign rules align! (see the Marketo Measure (Bizible) - Instance Audit and Setup checklist attached in this post)
  3. The CRM. Here you will need to install the Marketo Measure standard package, and do some setup for your reports. If this is already done, great! However, you may want to revisit the reports and make sure they support what you need.


I hope these sheets help you move forward with setting up or auditing your Marketo Measure instance!

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😲  This audit and setup checklist is amazing. Thank you for putting this together and sharing it! 

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You cannot imagine how useful your post is being to me , thank you very much for sharing this 😊