How to Guide: Predictive Advertising

Have you used Marketo Ad Bridge yet? If not, you really should. In this post I'm going to walk you through how to use Marketo Ad Bridge to build predictive advertising.  Marketo serves as the connecting platform from my predicatively scored leads to Facebook advertising to deliver highly targeted leads that matter. Follow along to see how easy it is to launch a predictive ad strategy in just a few steps.

Step 1 - Connect Facebook to Marketo

  • Login to Marketo as an admin
  • Select Admin from the top navigation
  • From the left nav, find Launchpoint under Integration
  • Create a new service and authorize Facebook from Marketo (note: you may also need to add a standard Facebook advertising tag to your corporate site code if you haven’t already)

Step 2 - Build a list of predicatively scored leads

I'm using Fliptop to score my leads. Fliptop assigns a "SpendGrade" to all leads, A meaning they have a high probability of converting, D meaning they have a low probability of converting. All scoring is done automatically and behind-the-scenes, and a SpendGrade score is assigned to all leads and accounts within your database. I built a smart list of all my SpendGrade A leads, see screenshot for details.


Step 3 - Sync the list of leads to Facebook

Click the Marketo Ad Bridge button at the bottom of your Smart List Leads tab.


Click on the Facebook icon, then Next.


Next create a new audience to push these leads to. We recommend naming this list “Fliptop SpendGrade A.”


Step 4 - Log into Facebook and Build an Ad Campaign

The list will take a 24 hours or so to sync over to Facebook so take a break and do another project. The next morning open your Facebook and navigate to "manage ads," then on the left hand menu click "audiences."  There you will find the list of predicatively scored leads. Now you can build an ad campaign targeting just these top quality leads.

findaudience in FB

Step 5 - Advertise to the leads that matter

In this example I chose to promote the Predict Event we are holding later this year to my top quality leads.


While Facebook is just one example of predictive advertising—and an impressive one at that—this same methodology can be applied to countless advertising channels (see Marketo Ad Bridge screenshot for proof). From Google to social channels and beyond, predictive technology is transforming the way we target… delighting consumers with relevant experiences, saving ad dollars and improving ROI and, most importantly, driving leading marketers’ bottom line.