Email Homing Beacons: How you can easily locate emails with a stealth identifier

Level 3 - Champion Level 3 - Champion
Level 3 - Champion

Ever had an urgent request pop up regarding some obscure email fired out from your instance?

Things are going wrong and you need to fix it! Quickly!


We all have. We have all also had the anxiety of trying to track down this offending email with little to go on (especially if it's using a subject line that gets lots of action!).


Some of us can solve this problem by placing a cleverly hidden program ID token in our emails' footers. However, some of us cannot place this token in any visible area due to brand guidelines (it's a thing, I promise). So, what do you do then?


The easy answer is to keep doing what you're doing in stealth mode by using a program ID token as a homing beacon!


Instead of trying to make your program ID tokens invisible in the displayed output of your email messages, you can completely hide it within the email template coding so that it does not display at all.


How do we do this?

  1. Update your email templates with an html comment that contains your program ID token.
  2. Ensure you're making this token globally available within your programs.
  3. Provide guidance to your users on populating this program token.

How do we use this?

  1. Snag a copy of offending emails as they are brought to your attention.
  2. Open the offending email in a web browser.
  3. Right click on the email to "view source."
  4. Do a "find" for your html comment.
  5. Mitigate the email in question.
  6. Celebrate your quick win.

That's it.