Champion Tips and Tricks with Kimberly Galitz

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee
Champion Tips and Tricks with Kimberly Galitz

In this edition of the Champion Tips and Tricks series, we asked Marketo Champion @Kimberly_Galit1  to share her top tips for Basic Field Management in Marketo Engage.



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Remapping blog post referenced in the video above: 

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This is great! Thanks for the tips about how to give Support the info they need to remap a field properly. I've done a lot of remapping when I have a field in Marketo that I need to make available in SFDC. You have to create the SFDC field, wait for it to sync to Marketo, and then have support remap/merge the two fields.

Level 4

Thanks for the insights @Meghana_Rao1