Aligning Marketing to Revenue

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Marketo asked me and Jason Seeba to share our 2015 Summit presentation as a webinar. If you weren’t among the lucky few at the crack of dawn to see it the first time around, it’s one not to miss. Unfortunately because it is a webinar, we had to ditch the amazing videos, but it will be just as funny of a presentation. We’ll be playing a Marketo-themed trivia game that’s guaranteed to make you smile about revenue attribution.

We made this presentation together while I was still working at BloomReach before I moved to LeanData. It demonstrates how we became confident using data to make decisions. How we become the source of truth for campaign and channel effectiveness while becoming a trusted advisor to the budgeting process.

It all starts with having great report-ready programs. Learn about how to setup your programs, channels, and successes. While defining how inclusive to be for attribution.

We walk through Attribution modeling basics in a really visual way that anyone could understand. For both First Touch and Multi-Touch how you determine which programs get credit for Pipeline Created and Revenue Won.

Jason and I talk through which reports we determine to be perfect in 2014 and how things had changed in a year. We talk about how Account-Based Marketing changed the way we approached our Revenue Cycle Model.

BloomReach is now a six year old business, so we had to include time constraints to make our reporting more actionable. Watch the webinar to see what boundaries we chose to report on.

Learn about our challenges, and what things we did to overcome them. Our stance on sharing reports and how to deal with imperfect data. In the end, we are using this to drive our budgeting, so we better be sure the pieces are in place to be able to have good decision making.

We also speak future forward about how we’d like to see reporting evolve. We also discuss where we could still improve from a reporting standpoint. While wrapping up with the steps you need to get started now.

Hope you can have a chance to join us for the live webinar, or check out the recording later on.

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