3 Super Simple Ways to Improve Any Email

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Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Because the spam folder is where eBooks go to die.


  1. In the draft of your email, go to Email Settings (top left) and check the “Preheader” box. Put a snippet of the email in the text box. For many email providers, the preheader is the small bit of preview text that shows up next to the subject line. It's your first chance to hook the reader and get them to open your email.


  1. When you insert an image, put something in the "Image Description" box. Marketo defaults to the name of the file you uploaded, like 3-Col_363.png. For people who don’t automatically download images, they'll see image description and notice a lack of finesse.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 9.06.46 AM.png

  1. Give all links their own titles. I usually just copy the CTA, but it's probably best to use a title that actually describes the value of the landing page. Don't use the URL.


How easy is that?

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These are great reminders! Thanks Rachel

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Small but very useful reminder! Thanks

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100% Rachel!
Are there any hints and tips for doing this en masse when sending newsletters with multiple links?

Thanks for your help!

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Thanks Lynn! Great question. Are you by any chance using a tokenized program? If there are CTA's for the links, you could put the CTA tokens in the description fields as well.

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One other thing I've learned regarding the Preheader -- make sure you have something short and succinct for email providers where visual people will look to see what the email is about, but don't be afraid to go well beyond the character limit -- visually impaired individuals often rely on reader systems that will actually read what the email is about from the Preheader (Siri does this too), and having something a little longer can be very helpful in determining whether they want to dive deeper into your email or blog.

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I have one for you. For email banners, do not put the height of the banner (just the width).

This will enable the preview pane in Outlook to show more of the email as images (as you know) are blocked by default

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Great tips, keep 'em coming!

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Great post, thank you!