Started with MCE preparation?

Started with MCE preparation?

Before you go for MCE, you should prepare yourself well else you will end up with loosing your money. I have consolidated list of topics which need to be covered, which helped me with my preparation.

1. Tokens

You should understand very well tokens:

Different types of tokens

Locations where you can create tokens

System tokens that you can use

Names of different tokens

2. Reports

Practice reporting is important. The questions asked are easy if you have practice pulling reports.

It is important that you understand the benefits of each report and the type of information that you can obtain from them so you can decide when to select them.

Practice with life scenarios!

3. Deliverability

Things that can be done to improve deliverability

System lists

4. Program Types and when to use it

Some scenarios are provided and you need to choose which program would be best for that situation. Example: Email Program VS Default Program

5. A/B Testing

How to set it up and available options.

6. Channels and Program Statuses

When to use channels.

Examples are presented and you need to choose.

How people move through program steps

7. Nurture Programs

It is important that you understand well how nurture programs work.  There are multiple questions related to nurtures.

How to add people to nurture

How transition rules are used

Steps to activate content

Logic of how emails are delivered when content has been exhausted

Understand concepts of exhausted, streams, cadence

8. Scoring

Understanding how to set up scoring models in global companies that have regional requirements

Scoring and tokens

How to reset score to zero

How to set up scoring points

How to use changes in scores in campaigns

9. Segmentation, Dynamic Content, Snippets

Understand how segmentation works

Understand the difference between segments and smart lists

Understand when snippets can be used

10. Forms

Understand field types

Understand visibility rules

11. Landing pages

Understand where to modify landing page URLs

Understand landing page reporting

12. Filters, Triggers and Flows

Understand triggers and filters

Understand advanced filters

Understand flow actions

Understand wait steps

Understand when to send alerts

When to use them, what they mean

13. CRM Sync

Understand basic functionality of data integration with CRM

Basic understanding of Marketo Sales Insights

14. Acquisition Program

Why and how to set up acquisition programs

15.  Period Cost and it's importance

How to set up costs to calculate results

16. System Smart Lists

Be familiar with the names of all of them

17. Email Settings

Learn everything about emails

why SPF/DKIM is important and how to setup it

Different email marketing laws (For example - GDPR, CASL etc)

Difference between promotional and transactional

I hope this will help you. Feel free to add more in the list.

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Sant Singh Rathaur

Re: Started with MCE preparation?

This is great. Thanks for posting!

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Re: Started with MCE preparation?

Agree with these! I would really drill into Acquisition Program - they asked several questions about it. I also did a deep dive into reports—I actually learned quite a bit! Know which reports have custom columns for sure.

Amy Goldfine
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Re: Started with MCE preparation?

Thank you, Sant Singh!

Do you know if there is a whole course for exam preparation or do I need to take separate courses in order to prepare?

Re: Started with MCE preparation?

Thanks for this. Looking forward for more.

Re: Started with MCE preparation?

Thanks for this. Looking forward for more.

Re: Started with MCE preparation?

While I was preparing for my Certification, this - ( Tips for the New MCE (Marketo Certified Expert) Exam ) study aid was very helpful as well and really helped me cover all the topics back then! Most certainly worth a read!

Best Always,

Karan Hari

Karan Hari
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Re: Started with MCE preparation?

Absolutely! Totally agree. There were quite a few questions related to acquisition program and basic reporting. In fact preparing for the reporting part not only helped me in my MCE, but the "Analytics and Reporting Specialization" as well. This was a specialization that was specifically focused on the OOB Reporting.

Best Always,

Karan Hari

Karan Hari
Senior Product Manager - Marketo Engage

Re: Started with MCE preparation?

Yuliia Yakovlieva​ As such there is no one place for exam preparation. Get the checklist above and start digging everything in you marketo instance. Connect me on LinkedIn (  I can help you further with the preparation.

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Sant Singh Rathaur

Re: Started with MCE preparation?

Thanks Karan Hari​. Yes, this is also very helpful.

Best regards,
Sant Singh Rathaur