Sample MCE Scenario based Questions

Sample MCE Scenario based Questions

1) When editing a channel, you see the same number associated with two Program statuses. Which does this imply?
Select one or more of the following:


A) A change program status flowstep will allow the Lead to move between the two statuses at any time
B) The Smart campaign will wait 30 minutes before applying the program status
C) The Change program status flowstep will reject moving the lead to another status
D) Each status has maximum limit of 30 leads

2) You are a user with role “Analytics”. Which of the following can NOT be done to an existing user?
A) Reuse the sandbox login
B) Reset the Password
C) Delete the user
D) Change the user role

3) To help ensure that a landing page is optimized for SEO, a marketer has created a keyword list. Which landing page action should the marketer select to enter in this information?
A) SEO Details
B) SEO settings
C) Override template behavior
D) Page Meta Tags

4) You are creating a landing page. Which element CANNOT be dragged into a Landing Page?
A) Rich text
B) Rectangle
C) Section
D) Custom HTML

5) You have custom fields in the instance and When adding a custom field column to a report, where does the data come from?
A) Static List
B) Imported List
C) Smart list
D) Drill down data

6) You are scheduling a program and Which of the following best describes the tentative date in the Program Schedule View?
A) An Entry that represents a smart campaign or Email program that will run unless confirmed
B) A place holder for an entry that will be created later
C) A date that has no value and should be ignored
D) An Entry that is used to reschedule all of the other entries in the program

7) If a Program is cloned that has both tentative and confirmed entries in the calendar, which statement is true regarding the state of the entries in the resulting cloned Program?
A) All dates remain as the were in the original program (Tentative and Confirmed)
B) All dates are tentative
C) All entries are erased in the new program
D) Only dates in the future are tentative, Dates in the past are marked as “Finished”

😎 In a Smart Campaign flow step, the marketer needs to choose an email. If the marketer says the content depends on some criteria, which of the following could NOT be used in Marketo to send different emails (or email content) to different sub-audiences?
A) Different Smart campaigns
B) Dynamic content in an email
C) Add choice in the flowstep
D) Identical Smart campaigns

9) You already have a value for the Tag. Which of the following is NOT true about changing the value of a tag?
A) Historical data will reflect the change in the tag
B) References to the tag value will show with the new name
C) Data will be lost when updating the tag value
D) Tag values will only be changed when not in use.

10) You have a content on a Landing page, and you want to know how your leads are sharing content from your landing pages.
A) Social Influence report
B) Webpage activity report
C) Company web activity report
D) Landing page performance report

11) A marketer has created the following Smart List. Which leads will the Smart List include?


A) Both known and Anonymous leads who visited webpage
B) Only leads that opted into web tracking
C) All anonymous leads that visited
D) All known leads that visited

12) You have three mandatory fields that you want to always show on your form and five additional fields you want to ask over time. If you want to have a total of five fields visible to the user, which option should you choose for progressive profiling?
A) Number of Blank fields = 2
B) Number of Blank fields = 8
C) Number of Blank fields = 3
D) Number of Blank fields = 5

13) You want to use tokens to add more personalized text to a Landing Page.
How can you achieve this?
A) From the insert Page elements Menu
B) By going to the landing page actions > tokens
C) By selecting new token in the property sheet
D) From the page elements menu

14) You have a Program with March set as the period cost. A new lead enters the Program in April.
To which period will the lead's acquisition cost be attributed?
A) The period cost associated with the leads acquisition program
B) The lead’s acquisition cost will not be counted for
C) April
D) March

15) I want to wait one day to send an auto-response email to a lead that filled out a form. However, the email should only be sent on a business day. Which feature should I use to ensure the email is not sent on a weekend?
A) Advanced wait properties
B) Marketing calendar
C) Date filters
D) Program schedule View

16) I want to run a batch Smart Campaign to process leads that were created by form fill-outs today and also visited the resources page. Which rule logic should I use when setting up the Smart List?
A) Use ANY filters
B) Use ALL filters
C) Use Basic filters
D) Use Advanced filters

17) I want to know if the test sample size is set for 10% in an A/B test, which of the below is true?


A) 10% will be sent out the A/B test at 1st scheduled time , 90% of audience will be sent the A/B test at the next scheduled time.
B) Audience is divided in half, 10% receive at the first scheduled time, 90% at the second scheduled time
C) 10% of audience selected at random will receive the email at 1st scheduled time and the winner will be received by 90% of audience at the 2nd scheduled time
D) 10% will receive A variant and 90% will receive B variant at any of the schedules times
E) none of the above

18) I’m just going through this smart list rule logic and I want to know which of the below options are called operators in Marketo?


A) is/is not/before/ in future
B) is email bounced/is email invalid
C) Use all filters/use any filters
D) collapse all/display all

19) Why is it important to use tags when setting up a program?


A) for high level reporting
B) to increase your audience
C) to define audience
D) none of the above

20) I have been told by sales that one of the clients in APAC did not receive the email campaign. What should I do?
A) contact a Marketo admin
B) check the record activity log in Marketo
C) send the email campaign again

21) I would need to mark individuals as attended as they show up to my customer appreciation dinner. Which channel and program type should I use?
A) Webinar channel and Event program type
B) Email Send channel and Email program type
C) Live Event channel and Event program type
D) Operational program channel and Default program type

22) You have three program statuses in your channel, in order: Member (Step 10), Filled Out Form (Step 20 - Success) and Engaged (Step 20 - Success). In this setup, a lead can move from Filled Out Form to Engaged but not vice versa.
A) Ture
B) False

23) Your customer has an engagement program with emails that have been activated and approved. The stream cadence has been set up, and the program turned on, but after the cast date, the manager can see that emails are not sent.
Which step did the customer missed?
A) The quality of the deliverability is not checked.
B) Members have not been added to the engagement program.
C) The CRM sync with the engagement program is not activated.
D) The engagement score has not had sufficient time to calculate.

24) Look at this Image shared by the customer:

The customer wants to know from where are the tokens inherited?
A) Token Examples Folder
B) Campaigns Folder
C) Testing for Testing Sake Folder
D) BP-TS-YYY-MM-DD Tradeshow Program