Feedback on the GoToTraining exam prep

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Feedback on the GoToTraining exam prep

Fellow exam preppers,

I attended the Marketo Certified Expert GoToTraining today and found it to be extremely helpful.

If you haven’t signed up yet, the link is here:

With the breakdown of the exam being:

Program Fundamentals: 30%

Targeting and Personalization: 16%

Analytics and Reporting: 16%

Lead Management: 20%

Implementation and Operations: 18%

I found the review of program fundamentals and lead management to be the best part – I don’t believe the shared documents go over the answers of the practice questions – they review the answers in the training and some of them aren’t what you would initially think. Another important reason to review this (especially for experienced users) is that we tend to tailor our instance setup to work for our specific business needs, which may not be the best practices that are outlined in the documentation and skill-builder videos.

Don’t forget to sign up for the training!