Do you know that you can use segmentation for Anonymous lead as well?

Do you know that you can use segmentation for Anonymous lead as well?

Yes you heard it right! You can use segmentation for Anonymous lead as well as known leads. I hope you must be interested to know how if you haven't done it yet.

I will start with what is segmentation and how it works. 


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Segmentations are special database tools that allow you to identify your database groups for various purposes, including Dynamic Content. Segmentations are pre-set list divisions that run in the background automatically and are much faster than smart lists.

To create segmentation, follow the method/steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Lead Database

Step 2: New > New Segmentation

Step 3: Add Segments

Step 4: Adjust Segment Priority Order - Why this step is important? This is to ensure that the right lead end up in the right segment because there is a possibility for a lead to be in the multiple segments.

Step 5: Press Create.

Step 6: Define Each Segment

Step 7: Approve the Segmentation

Once you have established the rules for each Segment, you can go to Segmentation Actions > Approve to make it available throughout the process.

Approval triggers a process to move through lead into one or the Default Segment or one of the three segments. It may take some time to complete this. Marketo will alert you or you can watch the updates to the green checkmarks with the little icons.

Read more about segments here: Understanding Dynamic Content - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 

Now your segmentation is created and ready to use. Now, by using the same segmentation we have to create a landing page. Read here how to you use dynamic content in your Marketo landing page - Use Dynamic Content in a Landing Page - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 

Once this landing page is ready then follow the below process:

For example, we have below details:

Landing page URL:

Segmentation Name: Area-of-interest

Segment in the segmentation: Marketing, Sales, Default

Important Note: I believe you have already updated the content for the above segments in the landing page. If not then please go back to your landing page and add dynamic content.

Now you just need to create a query string URL to call your segments to populate the content for the respective segment.

Syntax will be:

Landing Page URL + ? + Segmentation name + = + Segment name


So, if we will use the above URL then it will populate the content based on marketing and at the same time if we will use the sales segment then sales content will appear on the page. If no condition is met then default content will appear.

I hope you're going to enjoy reading this. Keep reading!


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Re: Do you know that you can use segmentation for Anonymous lead as well?

More accurately, this isn't segmenting leads at all. 

It's segmenting content without a lead -- anonymous or known -- participating in the segmentation.

Munchkin need not be running, and there need not be a Visit Web Page recorded. So there may be no lead of either kind in the Marketo database, and content segmentation will still work.

Re: Do you know that you can use segmentation for Anonymous lead as well?

Thanks Sire! Yes you are right.