MCE exam - questions about content

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MCE exam - questions about content

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I'm taking my AD0-E552 Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner (previously MCE, retiring Jan 1, 2022) in a couple of weeks. I've been studying the product docs, videos, etc but still cannot find answers to these 3 questions below. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


1. Program Fundamentals: Given a screenshot of a smart campaign identify the resulting impact on a particular person in the database.


2. Analytics and Reporting:  Identify the requirements to accurately report on the success, acquisition, and ROI of marketing activities.


3. Implementation and Operations:  Given a scenario about a requirement to limit the amount of emails a lead receives, identify the appropriate settings.

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Below is an official sample question link, that might give some reference to your questions.




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Re: MCE exam - questions about content

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For the program fundamental question they will essentially show you a screen shot and ask you about the smart list or flow.  Be sure you understand advance filters, smart lists with double triggers, and smart list filters/flow step logic.

For implementation, it will ask you either about communication limits or smart campaign limits.  Know how to set those up.


My biggest recommendation would be to read through the docs.