Automate Leads/Contacts to Account Matching in Salesforce

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Automate Leads/Contacts to Account Matching in Salesforce


I'm struggling for quite a while with leads to account matching in Salesforce and for the current ABM that we're trying to do, having all new and old leads assigned to Accounts in Salesforce would be a great plus for our sales teams.

We are currently doing this manually following the below flow:

-New lead comes in marketo -> does it have an account?

     - if yes, assign lead to accoun

     - if no, create the accoun and assign the lead to that new account

of course we also check for duplicate accounts and merge them if existing.

I was wondering if someone else has encountered the same issue and how did you tackle it? Did you find any solutions to automate leads/contacts to account matching, as the manual process is very time consuming?

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Re: Automate Leads/Contacts to Account Matching in Salesforce

Are you talking about in Salesforce, or in Marketo ABM, or both?

In Salesforce, your Sales Ops team needs to set up triggers and routing. It likely involves accounts having a field for company URL, and any lead with that URL in their email domain gets matched to that account. There are also SFDC add-ons that do this also with lead cleansing, fuzzy matching, and more (Openprise, LeanData, and a whole bunch others).

In Marketo's ABM solution, there's no way to automate this. Orphan leads show up as "potential people" and you have to add them manually. It's a huge PITA. I have a recurring to-do every month where I go through and manually review the "potential people." We're about to expand our ABM 10x and I'm really dreading this.

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