ABM Without a CRM

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ABM Without a CRM

Hello friends,

I've been doing some research for our company's possible journey into ABM and one thing that concerns me is the usage of CRMs in the process. I saw that several solutions, including Marketo's, utilize CRM integrations to organize Accounts/Contacts. I haven't hit the ocean floor with my research yet, but would we be missing a large chunk of Marketo's ABM platform's functionality if we don't have a CRM in place?

Also a bonus question: Would we also be losing out on another chunk of the Marketo ABM platform if our lead scoring setup is totally dysfunctional at the moment?

Thanks in advanced!

Danny T.

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Re: ABM Without a CRM

You can have up to 5 ABM score fields on every account. One of them is Account Score, which is a rollup of the Lead Scores for all the people on that account. So yes, you should get your scoring set up first.

Amy Goldfine
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