Show Email Links in Alert Email

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Show Email Links in Alert Email

I want to be able to surface the specific link that a lead clicks on in an email as a token in a sales alert email.

{{trigger.trigger name}} and {[}} give me "Clicks Link in Email" and the program name but not the actual link or link query string. Our emails offer various products so we want to be able to give our team more insight into the actual link that they clicked on and feature that in their alert.

Right now the only way I can think to do this is to have a trigger smart campaign active for every link in every email that looks for a specific link and then in the flow step changes the utms and cta fields to the data values to be those of the link query string. Across 50+ dynamic content emails with 5-10 links each, this isn't a scalable model for us.

Using the sample link below, I want the the alert to show the program name ({{}}) and button-cta or the full link itself (is there a system token for this?).

Anyone have an ideas on how we can accomplish this in a more scalable manner than doing smart campaigns for every link?

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Re: Show Email Links in Alert Email

The clicked link should appear in MSI on the lead record. Why does it need to appear on the sales alert?

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Re: Show Email Links in Alert Email

Have you tried {{trigger.Link}}?

The full list of trigger tokens is here: Tokens for Interesting Moments - Marketo Docs - Product Docs