SMS gateway comparison

SMS gateway comparison

HI all,

Has anyone ever written a comparison between SMS gateways that integrate with Marketo ? I am especially interested in informations about:

  • Costs
  • Country coverage, especially in the EU
  • 2 way capabilities (using the REST API and/or webhook response) for information such as deliverability/bounced and unsubscribe.
  • Capabilities to rewrite links through a click detection server similar to Marketo.

Thx in advance


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Re: SMS gateway comparison

I have not written this publicly, however, I have done this for the first 3. Email me, I may still have the pricing from 3 years ago.

Informatica SMS had the best options for EU. I am not sure about delivery stats though.

If you need two way capability, that requires some extra work to obtain a usable phone # or Short Code and design the workflows to let Marketo see that. Short Codes = $$$ but are much better.

What do you mean by "rewrite links"? Wouldn't you just use bitly?

The part that was hardest was getting the sales people to provide real detail beyond the basic PDFs, website, etc.

Re: SMS gateway comparison

Hi Josh,

By "rewrite link", I mean the possibility to have any URL in the message redirected to a click detection server, similar to what Marketo is doing on URL's in emails. When the prospect clicks the link in the SMS, it first goes to a dedicated (and potentially branded) server, where the click event is captured (what person, on what link, in which SMS) and then the visitor is redirected to the true CTA URL.

I'll write you directly.


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Re: SMS gateway comparison

I'd say bitly is your best option there. Informatica and Twilio may have other options to tie the behavior to a person and pass that back as an Activity with some API coding.