Custom Report Email + Leads s

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Custom Report Email + Leads s

Dear Comunity of Marketo, 
                                         This is my first question in this Forum, so please be pacient, my english is really poor and Im a Marketo rookie. 
                                          I would like to know if there is a way to create a custom report (only one) where I can set the following metrics.

Rqst Email
Email Sent
Email Open

Landings/Leads Performance
clicked email link
filled out a form

Thank You for Filling the Form Email
Email sent

So far I can manage to get this info, even without creating a report, if I just go to the email tab in each campaign I would see the email information, then I have a smart list that shows who haven´t filled the form to complete all the info I need.
Again, I would like to know if somehow I can get in one report people who filled a form and email information (email sent, bounces, etc...) without having a report and smart list. Of course this is just for reporting purposes, I know that if I had to do any action with people that filled out a form, I would have to creat a Smart List.
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Re: Custom Report Email + Leads s


These are all separate reports, although the email data can be a single report.
  • Email Performance Report
    • Select the appropriate emails and time frame
  • Landing Page Performance report
    • select pages
    • but you can also see this by viewing the page in marketo.

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