Those bulletproof buttons are also *tracking*-proof, though (here's the fix)

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Level 10 - Community Moderator

Some time back, the folks at Campaign Monitor contributed the go-to fancy button builder for cross-device emails, Bulletproof email buttons. If you haven't seen it, it looks like this:


Their compatibility testing was an awesome donation to the MA community, but there's a problem with the generated code when you use it in a Marketo email: the Outlook desktop version (the v:* VML tags) doesn't have tracked links!

Read the full post on TEKNKL :: Blog →​


Sanford Whiteman​, Marketo seems to have changed something - they probably improved their  (X)HTML parser and unintentionally broke this workaround.

Now, any buttons attempting to use this workaround simply dont display, upon delivery.

Is there an alternative solution?

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What is the rendered HTML now?  Truly improving the XHTML parser (not just breaking it a different way) would still output the button, just with untracked links. (<a:something> is not an <a>, but it is a legitimate tag.)

You can send me a direct email (you have my addy) and I'll look at it.

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Hobie, I tested the code from the post and still works for me -- <a:roundrect> is still successfully treated as an <a> and its href is tracked.

Weird, it's working for me now - it must've been a temporary issue of some sort. Thanks!

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I'd kind of moved away from using these, but this is definitely going into my everyday file of VML hacks. Fabulous discovery, thanks for sharing.

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Marketo Nation should just be called Sanford Nation.

Thanks, Sanford for yet another solution for the EXACT problem I was looking to solve. Now if only I knew/discovered this a few months earlier, I wouldn't have a few campaigns with completely thrown off click results.

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Thanks for sharing this! It somewhat relates to the question I just recently posted (VML-Based Email Button Changes Color when Clicked)

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I was actually going to point you here -- glad you found it.