Numbering the display order of fields in Forms 2.0


Numbering the display order of fields in Forms 2.0

In Forms 2.0, it seems that when you need to guarantee the order in which fields display from top to bottom it can be tricky to deal with.  Sometimes you might want the progressively profiled fields on top of visibility dependent field sets. Other times you might want to just make sure that an email opt-in checkbox will always be the last field to be displayed, no matter what.

I recommend having functionality similar to the Program Status's Step values. Add an "Order to Display" numerical value that a user can set. Then as the form is rendered it looks at the numbers of each field and orders it accordingly.
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Somewhat related to this, I'd also like to have the ability to set the tab order (see my post related to this here:
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We learned about the field order challenge while working with progressive profiling. We wanted our "Agree to privacy policy" check box field to be last in the single column form but the two progressive profiling fields were always added below it with no way to move it down. Is there any way to move it down?

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