How can we import chinese correctly?


How can we import chinese correctly?

As we applied MarketO, it has been a powerful automatically marketing tools for our marketers, to reduce our efforts on Marketing campaign obviously.Now we are also applying MarketO locally, but the importing problem seems still exist.
The problem is :
When we import list in Chinese Characters, as usual we should convert the excel file into csv with UTF-8 encoding. According to the tutorial on MarketO Community
we can successfully. 
Unfortunately, result is that the value of names don't exist, we had tried several of times but cannot figure it out.
I am very concerned that it might can be a problem affect the performance.
I would like to show you the importing process as following:
1. Upload a CSV file
2.  The import preview of different values is correct
3. The List after importing, you can see some unreadable code on the Name Column. Or the value missed.


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It is looks like the browser is not set to UTF-8.

Assuming the CSV file can display the Chinese characters correctly in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac), you would set the browser to Unicode (UTF-8) and run a new import.

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Hi there,
After I check the browser settings, I am sure we set it to UTF-8 before we import.
But these problems still exist.

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Could you please provide the two first lines of your CSV, being the first the column headers and the second data for import?
You may prefer to creaet a support case in order to keep the data private.

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