Accelerating Engagement Program

Accelerating Engagement Program

I've built out Engagement Program containing 2 streams (1st - running once a week, 2nd - running once a month). There are 4 default programs activated in each stream (each program holds an email). Is there a way to set up an accelerated test the way the emails of the first stream will run 10 mins apart, and emails of the second stream - 15 mins apart? 
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Re: Accelerating Engagement Program

I also have this question on speeding up testing. It looks like we wil have to test week to week. Unless we build a complex default program. We are testing a 5 stream engagement program, that will take 5 weeks to see the final results. This is entirely too long. What solution would you suggestion.  The cadence wi be changed on the visual below.Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 2.40.20 PM.png

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