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    Contact owner match Account Owner in SFDC

    Amber Hobson
      Hey all! I tried looking for a way to easily keep this data clean in Salesforce, but I'm having difficulties with it. It seems when leads are converted or even with the way our admin does territory changes in Salesforce, the contact owner does not automatically update to match the account owner. Is there a way to set up triggers within Marketo to keep these in sync? With the way our database works, we would never have it where a contact owner is not the same as an account owner.

      The reason we need to make sure this happens is because we want to have Marketo automatically log a task in Salesforce that is assigned to the sales rep when certain activities happen. The problem is with the create a SFDC task, I only have the option to assign it to the lead owner (contact owner), and not the account owner. 

      If there's some way to fix my problems, I much appreciate it!
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          Itay Billet
          The only way to change it via Marketo is with "Change Owner" flow step. Create the following Smart Campaign
          Smart list: Lead is created , constraint SFDC Type = contact
          Flow: Change Owner
          Choice 1- if account owner email address is XX, owner name is..
          Choice 2- if account owner email address is YY, owner name is..

          additional way is to enforce ownership in lead conversion (in SF) - when a lead is convert, the user have the option to specify the account owner, contact owner and opportunity owner (in one field). Not sure what is the customization at your org, but this rule should apply...
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            Amber Hobson
            Thank you!!! That works perfectly!!! Our sales reps don't always convert leads, but setting that up as a batch campaign that I can run weekly will work wonders for me!