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Webhooks and Tokens

Question asked by 01ff9d79bb2ecd8c84685f6e4141aaaeccb89ab6 on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi, we are about to start using webhooks to automate our leads through our ms dynamics crm. I am wanting to change variable like task subtype, tasktype etc, without creating a separate webhook for each type. How can I token in those things? Is that possible? Thanks!
Our webhook looks like this:



"FirstName": {{lead.First Name}},

"LastName": {{lead.Last Name}},

"EmailAddress": {{lead.Email Address}},

"PhoneNumber": {{lead.Phone Number}},

“Primary IMO”: {{lead.Primary IMO}},

"ContactID": {{lead.Contact}},




"TaskDueDate":"+2 Business Day",

"CampaignName": {{}},





"TaskDescription": [