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    Polling feature with Results after user submits


      Can someone help me figure out what I need to do in Marketo to create this simplified campaign scenario below?

      Step Flow 1: Visitor visits landing page

      Step Flow 2: Landing page has 1 Polling question and 1 form field.

           Polling Question 1: "What are you drinking?" Select the following

           A: Cosmo

           B: Beer

           C: Wine

           D: Water

           E: Other
           Form Field 1:  Email Address

      Step Flow 3: Form is completed and Submit button clicked

      Step Flow 4: Submit Button Landing Page displays real-time survey results. The graph would show the total results of the survey in realtime. So the visitor can see how he/she compares to the rest of the visitor who answered the same survey question.


      Can I create this scenario in Marketo?


      Thanks in advance!