Sant Singh Rathaur

What are blocked leads in email program?

Blog Post created by Sant Singh Rathaur on Dec 19, 2019

For many it's very basic and at the same time it might be new to you. When we send any email from Marketo using Marketo email program, in the audience section you will see two tabs "People and Blocked."

they are the audience that is going to receive this email and Blocked is the audience which meet the smart list criteria but they are blocked from receiving email communication due to several reasons.




Do you know what are these several reason and how Marketo blocks this audience automatically?


Apart from what we see in the Marketo dashboard/control panel, when we are sending any email through email program, Marketo creates a smart list in the background and this smart list is automatically added to blocked criteria.


Smart list criteria for blocked leads are:


1. Email address is empty

2. Black listed is true

3. Email invalid is true

4. Marketing Suspended is true

5. Unsubscribe is true


[Screenshot below]





Hope this helps.