Google AdWords and Revenue Tracking through Marketo

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Issue Description


Depending on the marketing strategy, Google AdWords can be a significant portion of the marketing mix.  With any significant expense, your marketing team will be asked to display a return on investment.  Additionally, to help manage the spend, marketers want to compare keyword & ad display with success metrics and revenue results.


Issue Resolution

Keyword Capture Program - Setup Process


The Marketo - Google AdWords integration provides deep insights into revenue generated by keyword and can help marketing teams get a much more granular view of revenue results than they would otherwise have without Marketo. Google AdWords spend can be tracked as its own Program Channel and leveraged within the Program Analyzer to make detailed assessments of performance. It provides very granular insight into performance through multiple dimensions and unique reports. Initial setup of Keyword tracking programs is straight-forward and simple to duplicate for each new Keyword.


In addition, Marketo automatically connects to Google AdWords to report Customer-specific funnel conversion information by keyword and display ad.


Template Program Setup:



        1. Add a field named PPC Source to the Lead Database – set field to write only if empty.
        1. Setup a Default AdWords Program in Marketo that contains a Keyword Token – this program will be cloned for future AdWords so that the steps below do not have to be repeated.
          1. Create a Program Token for Keyword.
          1. Configure the Smart List to Look for PPC Source containing the Keyword Token.
          1. Set the default flow to Update the Program Stages based on Activity
            • Clicked AdWord (Default)
            • Visited Site
            • Filled Out Form
            • Has Opportunity
          1. Set up a Smart Campaign within the Program to look for Closed/Won Opportunities and Activate the Campaign







    Cloning Process:

    Once the Default AdWords Program is setup it will only take a few minutes to add new PPC AdWords to Marketo.

        1. Clone the default AdWords Program.
          1. Update the Token to include the new PPC Keyword.
          1. Activate the Closed/Won Opportunity Smart Campaign.
        1. Capture Monthly Spend by Keyword Program within Marketo.

    Example Reports


    Once setup, reporting on Keywords within Marketo is now simple, easy, and more robust than other platforms.  Here are five reports that will help you manage AdWords:


    A. Basic Keyword – Program Results Report




    B. Basic Keyword - Opportunity Results Report


    Fields include:


    Total LeadsCount w/ No OpportunityDays No OpportunityHas Opportunity
    Has Opportunity %Days Until OpportunityTotal Opportunity AmountAvg. Opportunity Amount
    Total OpportunityWon% WonTotal Won Amount
    Days to CloseDays in Sales Stage





    C. Program Analyzer


    Program CostCost per New NameCost per SuccessFirst-touch Revenue Expected
    Multi-touch Revenue ExpectedMembersNew NamesFirst-touch Pipeline Created
    Multi-touch Pipeline CreatedSuccess (New Names)Success (Total)% New Names




    D. RCE - Advanced Reporting on Keywords




    E. Funnel Conversion Data in Google AdWords - By Keyword & Display Ad


    The information displayed below is passed directly from Marketo into Google AdWords baed on the pre-configured Marketo-to-AdWords connector.  Marketo does not currently pass along any information through the connector beyond what is shown in the screen below (Funnel Conversion Information).




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