Upcoming Changes to the Chrome Browser

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Upcoming Change to Chrome Browser


In October 2017, the Google Chrome browser will change the notifications it displays for unsecured HTTP web pages. Secured HTTPS web pages will not be affected. In January 2017, Chrome started marking HTTP pages as “Not secure” if they contained forms that included password or credit card fields. With the release of Chrome 62, the browser will show the “Not secure” warning for all HTTP pages containing forms, and all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.



Because form submittals can contain sensitive information beyond passwords and credit card numbers, Chrome will now warn users that a page is not secure whenever data can be entered/submitted.


Eventually, Chrome plans to display the “Not secure” warning for all HTTP pages, regardless of whether they contain forms or are viewed in Incognito mode.


Effect on Marketo Landing Pages


It is important to note that this affects all HTTP web pages viewed in Chrome, not just Marketo landing pages. However, all Marketo landing pages will be affected if SSL has not been set up for the instance. This will not prevent people from viewing your landing pages or submitting your forms. The only change will be the “Not secure” warning displayed in the address bar. If you already have SSL set up for your Marketo instance, you will not be affected by the change in Chrome’s behavior.


Steps to Take


There are two options for responding to this change. The first is to do nothing. Your landing pages and forms will continue to work as before. The only difference will be the “Not secure” notification in the browser’s address bar.


The second option would be to purchase SSL for your Marketo instance. There are advantages to having SSL set up on your Marketo instance. Not only does it provide increased security for your customer base, but Google has announced that it will give preferential search ranking to HTTPS pages.


If you would like add SSL to your Marketo subscription, please contact your Marketo account manager. 


Here is some documentation on how to Add SSL to Your Landing Pages