Cannot Add an Anonymous Lead to a Program

Version 3

    Issue Description
    An anonymous lead triggers a Smart Campaign that includes a Change Program Status flow step.  Instead of adding the anonymous lead to the program, you get an error, "Cannot add an anonymous lead to a program."


    Issue Resolution
    Anonymous leads can not be added to programs, but they can trigger Smart Campaigns that include a Visits Web Page trigger.  If you want to capture these anonymous leads and add them to the program once they become known, add the following to your campaign.

    • A "Lead is Created" trigger - this trigger will fire when the anonymous lead becomes known.
    • A "Visited Web Page" filter with the specific page you are looking for.

    You may wish to add a Date of Activity constrain to the "Visited Web Page" filter if you do not want leads that visited the page too long ago to be added to the program.

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