How Do I Set Up My 'Open and Click' Report in Salesforce?

Version 1

    Open & Click Reports

    Step 1: Select the Tasks and Events record type.


    Step 2: Define the report parameters based on your desired time frame and hierarchy structure.

    2 (1).png

    Step 3: Add a filter to remove internal emails logged to Salesforce. (e.g. Company/Account not equal to ToutApp Inc.)

    3 (1).png

    Step 4: Select the Summary report format.

    4 (1).png

    Step 5: Add the Subject, Assigned, and Tout Clicked/Tout Viewed fields to the report.

    5 (1).png

    Step 6: Double-click on Add Formula within the Fields pane.


    Step 7: Add a name to the formula, select Percent in the format, and select Grouping 1.

    7 (1).png



    Step 8: Select Tout Clicked/Tout Viewed >Sum in the Summary Fields.

    8 (1).png


    Step 9: Add a divide sign to the formula, and then select Record Count in the Summary fields – Save As.