One Form on Multiple Pages

Version 3

    Issue Description
    You created a form in Design Studio that is used on multiple pages, and you are wondering how to tell the pages apart on a form fill activity in the Marketo Lead Record.


    Issue Resolution
    In the Marketo record's Activity Log, there will be an activity for the form fillout. If you were to check the details of the activity by double-clicking on it, you will see a field called "Referrer URL." This is the URL of the page the form is located on.


    Say that you were building a trigger campaign to watch for a fillout on this form and you needed to specify one exact page that this form is on. There are three options (as constraints on the Trigger or Filter):

    • Web Page
    • Referrer URL
    • Query String


    Web Page

    This constraint is designed for Marketo Landing Pages. If you have one form on multiple pages, and were attempting to specify a Marketo Landing Page, then you would use Web Page.  If you use Web Page, your value is the Landing Page asset name, such as "Global Contact Form Page". Or if the page is local to a program, the name format would be [program name].[landing page name]



    Referrer URL

    This constraint is designed for external, non-Marketo pages. If the form you have is embedded on an external page, the value you would enter would be the URL of the page.This constraint is very picky about the values entered. Say the form is on Only the following 2 options would function:



    By using "is", the exact value must match. When using "contains" a smaller portion of the whole can be used. Even "contains" /contact-us would have worked successfully, but the less specific the value is the more other pages could qualify depending on the use case. Generally, "contains" is advised with a unique portion of the URL because there can often be querystrings on URLs that would then not satisfy the "is" constraint.




    If the form is on a page, and the page has a querystring, such as:, then the form submission activity on the Marketo record would have a new field in the Detail called Query Parameters. (Querystring, Query String, Query Parameters are all the same thing.) If you set up direct links to the Page with unique querystrings, then you would be able to use the Querystring constraint and use values from the querystring in the trigger/filter form fillout campaign.