RTP - How does RTP collect data on visitors

Version 9

    There are 3 kinds of visitors to your website: visitors using their company Wi-Fi, known visitors using an ISP, and unknown visitors using an ISP. RTP handles all three of these cases differently, and they are explained below.


    Visitors on Company Wi-Fi

    • The visitor's company is recognized by the company's IP address
    • Their visitor information, such as company name, industry, location, etc. is determined by the company who they are registered under


    Known Visitor on ISP

    • Visitors are recognized by a previous form fill-out
    • RTP will override the ISP name and identify the visitor by their company name and email address
    • RTP does not override the location of known ISP visitors


    Unknown Visitor on ISP

    • The visitor will be shown as coming from an ISP, such as AT&T, Comcast Cable, etc.
    • His geo-location will be shown as the ISP's data center
      • The location accuracy for ISPs is 95%, though state and city accuracy is less reliable as ISP tend to use proxies
    • Since it's impossible to identify the company that these visitors come from, you can decide to exclude ISP visitors from seeing campaigns.
      • While RTP can't identify the company, it is still possible to target these visitors by their online behavior (search terms, referrals, page visits, etc.