Read-only fields in Marketo

Version 2

    Some fields in Marketo are read-only. It is not editable by completing forms. Change Data Value flow steps, on the lead detail page, or list imports.

    Here is a list of many of those fields:

    SFDC lead fields

    • Lead Owner First Name
    • Lead Owner Last Name
    • Lead Owner Email Address
    • Lead Owner Phone Number
    • Lead Owner Job Title
    • SFDC Campaigns
    • SFDC Type


    SFDC Opportunity fields


    • Number of Opportunities
    • Total Opportunity Amount
    • Total Opportunity Expected Revenue
    • Other built-in and custom opportunity fields


    SFDC Account fields


    • SFDC Accounts are not editable from Marketo


    Marketo lead management system fields

    • Anonymous IP
    • Black Listed Cause
    • Created Date
    • Deleted In Sales
    • Do Not Call Cause
    • Email Suspended
    • Email Suspended At
    • Email Suspended Cause
    • Full Name
    • Inferred City
    • Inferred Company
    • Inferred Country
    • Inferred Metropolitan Area
    • Inferred Phone Area Code
    • Inferred Postal Code
    • Inferred State Region
    • Is Anonymous
    • Lead Partition
    • Revenue Cycle Model
    • Lead Revenue Stage
    • Marketing Suspended Cause
    • Original Referrer
    • Original Search Engine
    • Original Search Phrase
    • Original Source Info
    • Original Source Type
    • Parent Company Name
    • Registration Source Info
    • Registration Source Type
    • Unsubscribed Cause
    • Updated


    Sales Insight system fields


    • Last Interesting Moment Date
    • Last Interesting Moment Desc
    • Last Interesting Moment Source
    • Last Interesting Moment Type
    • Priority
    • Relative Score
    • Relative Urgency
    • Urgency


    Salesforce custom objects

    • SFDC custom objects are all read only