How to remove Munchkin from landing pages

Version 4



    For those who do not want forms to pre-populate and/or track web behavior on a specific page (ie. referral sign-up pages), follow the instructions below to disable the Munchkin tracking JavaScript. Note, forms filled out on a page without Munchkin will not get Fill Out Form activity written to the lead Activity Log.




    • Edit a landing page template
    • Go to the HTML Source tab
    • Find the line: <?php echo $mContext['endElements']; ?>
    • Add the highlighted portions: <!-- <?php echo $mContext['endElements']; ?> -->
    • Re-approve the landing page template and any associated landing pages
    This change only applies to customers with Marketo Versions Released in 2013.

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    Please make clear notes for other users that will use this template - this will eliminate confusion on the page tracking behavior.