Are you wondering what content or places, or even people are getting the most attention in Community? Here are some metrics that will be updated quarterly, for the previous quarter, to let the Nation know what our most popular areas are so you can check them out!


Updated Sept 2016 for Q3


Top 5 Content


Top 5 Places



The specified item was not found.19,682
Champion Program18,122


Top 5 Marketo Recommended Places




Questions : Average Response Time


  • 96% questions responded to
  • 26% questions received helpful answer*
  • 17% questions received correct answer*

*Note this is a user behavior so is not a clear indication of questions that were in fact helpful or correctly answered. It shows how many people manually marked questions as helpful or correct. The more you do this the more everyone learns!


User Adoption & Participation


Avg. of 10,200 visitors to the site

15% of visitors are engaging


Top 5 Users

UserPoints (this quarter)Total PointsFollowers
Sanford Whiteman3,197104,949243
Grégoire Michel2,981137,340278
Josh Hill1,799264,596294
Dory Viscogliosi1,13377,37499
Geoff Krajeski97019,50957