Audit Trail, the #1 idea in the community is here!

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Your #1 requested item in the community is here! Audit trail gives you real-time visibility into what users and admins are doing within your subscription! It will provide value to everyone, but will be especially useful for customers who have large teams using Marketo and for those with "creative" users.

With audit trail, you can answer many questions such as:

  • What happened to this asset or setting, and who last updated it?
  • What has user X been up to?
  • Who is logging into our account?

Audit trail provides many benefits!  Lets walk through a few of them:

  • Create accountability. The fact that user (and admin) actions are being audited, will create a sense of accountability across your teams...slightly big brotherish!
  • Save time. The reality is, unexpected things happen when using Marketo. With audit trail, you can quickly pinpoint what happened and apply corrective action on your own. This will save time from having to call our support team!
  • Support your teams. Perhaps you have a set of newbies who are ramping up using Marketo. Audit trail can show you what they’ve been up to and perhaps who needs some guidance. If you comp your teams based on what they create in Marketo, audit trail can provide that information! You can filter by a specific user then reward them!
  • Keep a close eye on security! Maybe somebody left your company and you want to see everything they did prior to their departure. If that person has an audit history it will show up for you to review. Also, if you wear a security hat, then you can see who is logging into your system, even that person who left the company (hopefully this doesn’t happen).

Now, you're probably wondering what we actually audit. It's all documented here! Keep in mind, audit trail is an evolving feature. We are auditing the most important elements and have more being added in our fall release. If you have a particular auditing need, please reach out to me or start a discussion. Also note, that audit trail tracking officially began on Sept 14, 2016. This means, when you view your audit trail, the farthest back you can see is on that date. If something is missing or you need information about an action that occurred prior to that date, then you can contact support as they have more history available to them (we just can't expose it in this new framework)

I really hope you find value in audit trail! I'm excited to finally see it come to life and thank each of you for your contributions.


Christina Fuentealba

Lead product manager