Don’t forget to Score on Web Personalization (RTP) Triggers

Blog Post created by 2ced2b24f2c0c927ede8a3a6b08704b352d2e5d0 Employee on Apr 18, 2016

One of the cool new features of the Winter Release was the introduction of Triggers and Filters for Web Personalization (RTP) Calls to Action and Recommendations.


Besides all the cool things triggers already allow you to do (e.g. send an auto-responder), this also provides a way to add web personalization scoring to your behavioral scoring campaigns.


What name do you use in the triggers?

  • For Clicked RTP Call to Action - use the name of the RTP Campaigns (from Campaigns page)
  • For Clicked RTP Recommendation - use the name of the Content Title (from Recommendations page)


RTP Triggers Example.png


You might even want to score based on the value of the call to action or the value of content being clicked on.

Here’s a scoring example that you can edit to meet your scoring strategy:


RTP Scoring Examples.png


This is a great way to quantify web personalization behaviors.

Happy scoring!