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    Multiple leads from one location

      We would like to offer up alternate landing page content based on whether a user is known in marketo, or not.  One issue that came up is that we might have multiple clients from the same location (not same machine, but same network).  What criteria are used to determine that a visitor matches up with the marketo system?  Is it based solely on IP, or does it also include other factors like cookies etc..

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          Kenny Elkington
          Hey Dan,

          This article provides an overview of how to use dynamic content in Marketo: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoTutorial?id=kA250000000Kz1pCAC  You would likely need to create a segmentation with an "Email address is not empty" for the top segment, and then nothing for the default.  Since anonymous leads are always shown default content, this would allow to to creae one piece for known leads and one for the anonymous.

          As far as leads being in the same location, this has little impact, as Marketo's dynamic content is served based on a cookie in the browser, and not based on ip address.