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Limited images to choose from when posting to social specifically LinkedIn

Question asked by 2d28c26d57f93fd256f98b0872c5eb52bf5da8e2 on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by Kenny Elkington
I've been running more sponsored updates on LinkedIn and ocassionally dropping in a landing page created in marketo for a specific asset (white paper, solution breif, etc.). The issue I'm running into is the inability to choose the correct thumbnail in LinkedIn. i.e. When I go to share this page:
The only image that comes up as a choice for me to select is the customer logo. I'd obviously like to choose our asset thumbnail. Is there any reason this is happening? Is there a workaround? The image file for our asset is a PNG, though I don't see that mattering. 

Any help would be much appreciated as this is really cramping my sponsored post advertising style!