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Anyone using a web-based meeting scheduler integrated with Marketo?

Question asked by 6347 on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by 9f506e5978fa2cc5e799aa0a009efcc521718b58
The use case is for self-service scheduling of demo sessions with our inside sales reps from our website. We are looking at services like ScheduleOnce, TimeTrade, Doodle, etc.

I'm thinking of two approaches and welcome any comments or suggestions...

1. The website visitor fills out a form on a Marketo landing page and then is taken into the "request a demo" scheduling service. The key to success is to pass the visitor's form data (name, email) to the scheduler to avoid repeat entry. I haven't found a service that supports passing such info from Marketo (or just as parameters in the URL).


2. The website vistor fills out the scheduler's form and selects a timeslot. On the back end, the scheduler passes the info to Marketo to create the lead record. I haven't found any service that is integrated with Marketo out of the box.

Anyone done something similar and willing to share tips?