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    Email reverted to cloned version

      I cloned an old email, edited the copy, and approved it. The preview and sample emails were reflected the most updated copy. However, when it sent out this morning, the copy reverted back to the original email and the incorrect email was sent out.

      The edited email is no where to be found in Marketo. 

      Can someone add some insight on why this may have happened?


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          Kim Allen
          So there's a few possibilities...

          - Did you also clone the old program and smart campaigns? If you didn't change the smart campaigns and only cloned them, they may still have the old email in the send flow.

          - When you were looking for it did you try going into Design Studio and clicking on the main Email folder... this will give you a list of all emails. You can sort by last edited date. This should give you some insight into if it's actually located somewhere.

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            Hi Kim, thanks for your insight.

            Only the email was cloned. We didn't clone the old program or old campaign. The cloned email was updated with new copy, approved, and added to a new campaign. The sample email was correct with updated copy and the flow was correct. 

            The email that shows up in Design Studio is the old version without the updated copy, but it is attached to the new campaign. I don't see the updated copy that was approved and added to the new campaign. 

            Do you have additional suggestions for what else I can check?

            Thanks again.
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              Kim Allen

              I'd also check in the My Marketo tab to see if you have any notifications (usually not related to this type of thing but I'm just throwing ideas out there).

              You might want to open a ticket with Help Desk to see if they can look more into this. Just provide the names (if you remember). They're very responsive and great to work with. I'd probably do it just to feel better about your next email send. :)

              Have a good Monday,