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    How to restrict access to a file?

      This question has probably already been asked and answered before - it is the "basics" for lead generation... How do I restrict access to a whitepaper to be available to only those who fill out a form?

      I suppose I can send an e-mail to those who register with a download link, but that link can then be shared?

      Or if I place the download link on a thnk-you-page, how can I make sure that the visitor first fills out the download form?

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          Let's think of this in a larger context: why do you want your content that you worked so hard to produce not to be shared with others? Doesn't it benefit you in the long run to have that content shared between colleagues than gating it and turning them away?

          I just see this question all the time, and I think it's something you don't really need to worry about. If someone forwards your whitepaper...great news for you, and you have the original person's name.

          In your case, just put the thank you page link in an email if you are that worried.

          As marketers we need to see the forest for the trees sometimes. :)

          </Monday Rant>
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            Thanks for your reply Jason! I see your point and to a certain extent I agree. Of course it is great if our message gets spread other ways than through our deisred lead gen channels. Better that than not spreading it at all, no doubt about that.