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Organizing Assets for an eNewsletter

Question asked by df5766447482dc11ff804ec1ad28dca096608999 on Feb 13, 2015
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We just launched Marketo within our organization, so I'm a bit of a newbie. We have a weekly eNewsletter that we deploy to clients, leads and internal associates (currently using Campaign Monitor). The template never changes with exception to the content we include, which is almost always a series of articles. To make life easy we always label the images associated with articles: trending1.jpgtrending2.jpg, trending3.jpg, etc.

We're building the new template in Marketo and I need some insights as we how to maintain this same naming format. When I try to upload files (in separate folders) I get an error saying that the filename already eists. I'd assume that we could use the same filename as long as those files are in separate folders. (i.e. folder1/trending.jpg and folder2/trending.jpg).

Therefore, 3 questions:
1. Whats the most efficient naming convention or process to upload these images given our situation?
2. If I "replace" these images every week will any previous iteration of the email be updated with the new images should we need to redeploy or will it maintain the folder structure
3. Any tips for these weekly deployments? Just clone the assets/campaign every week?