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Salesforce Profile Requirements for Sales Insight End Users

Question asked by 49021 on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Kenzie Caldwell (Perficient Digital)
I am interested in knowing what the minimum object requirements in Salesforce are for an end-user of the Sales Insight app for salesforce. The Marketo documentation (that I can find) does not have this information.

Can anyone tell me what the minimum Read/Create/Update/Delete permissions should be for these custom objects in the Salesforce profile of a typical end-user? Note that this is NOT the profile of the admin user Marketo syncs with. This question is only about the sales end user and the minimum permissions required inside of Salesforce. 

The Custom Objects are:
  •           Best Bets View
  •           Best Bets View Detail
  •           BestBetsCache
  •           EmailActivityCache
  •           GetMethodArgu
  •           GroupedWebActivityCache
  •           InterestingMomentsCache
  •           Marketo Sales Insight Config
  •           ScoringCache
  •           Value
  •           WebActivityCache
Thanks in advance.