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    I'm switching / replacing all my SFDC web-to-lead forms to Marketo embeds OR Marketo landing pages with forms. Help!

      I want to replace our website contact form with a Marketo form embed. I've read the Embed a Form on Your Website doc, and have created the form and given the code to our web person to redesign/embed.

      What's the next step?: My guess: Create a smart campaign with an auto-responder and email trigger to a salesperson, in Marketo to replace what happens in SFDC?

      I also want to completely switch out old landing pages with Marketo landing pages. And I assume it's the similar to the above but that I'd also eplace/create the Thank You page in Marketo?

      If you have a resource document with step by step action that'd be great. I'm sure I'm missing something!