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    pick list syncing

      I need to make some changes to our industry picklist definitions in Salesforce.  As we already have set up forms with pick lists in them in Marketo I was hoping these would automatically update with the changes, but I have made one amend to see if this was the case and it is not.  (unless I’m being impatient and not waiting long enough)
      Is there a way of auto updating the forms?  Or do I have to go into all 20 and change them all to include the new picklist items and delete the ones we aren’t going to use anymore? 
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          Pierce Ujjainwalla
          Hi Jill,

          Are you using forms 2.0?

          One thing I've noticed is forms 2.0 seems to pick up certain picklist field values automatically. Really seems to be hit or miss on whether or not it decides to pick up the values, based on what I've seen.

          It would be great if someone from Marketo could give us a definitive answer on when this happens, as I would also like to know what the system needs to be able to do this.
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            Edward Masson
            From a Form 1.0 perspective, as far as I'm aware, if you update values of pick lists from SFDC side this will not update the field values on your form on the landing page. What will happen is, the admin of marketo will get an alert email stating what was changed and where that field is being used e.g. on a form, smart campaign flow. Then the landing page will be knocked into draft mode.

            You will have to delete and then drag n' drop that field back again for the update to take affect then of course approve your landing page.

            Painful I know...
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              Many thanks for your responses. 
              In honesty I don't know what version of forms I am using but it is a new instance of marketo so I would assume that it is forms2.0.   The notification I received is as follows:

              Why: One or more fields has been changed in Salesforce.com 

              Error details: 
              The following fields have been changed: 

                                       •  Industry
                                       •  picklist entries changed

              These fields appear in the following forms/landing pages: 

                   {list of forms} 

              What to do now? 
              Please check your forms and make sure these fields are correct. Then re-approve the landing pages to update the live version. 

              None of the forms have been unaproved and 4hrs later not updated. 

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                Edward Masson
                Ok, your on Forms 2.0 if you have to approve/unapprove forms.

                So, I suggest you go into your Landing Page an approve the page (as it should be in draft mode because of the field update in your CRM). Check if this updated your form values.

                If not,

                then we need to delete the field from your form and drag n' drop it back again and that will have the updated value.
                Go to the form and unapprove it. Check the values and then approve the form then approve the landing page.
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                  Thanks Edward, 

                  The forms are embedded into our own webpages not Marketo landing pages, so i guess I'm going to go down the painful route of changing each form. 
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                    Edward Masson
                    ah, ok, then.
                    If updateing the form and approving it does not update the embed code then resupply your webteam with the code.