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Dear user, how would you like your templates?

Discussion created by Vikram Ramesh Employee on Dec 2, 2019
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Warm hello to all Designers and designers by heart

Yes, I am inviting us all, for discussions on Templates. Getting your opinions, firsthand, which can help us enhance the experience of working with templates in Design Studio. The discussion is two-fold (and sub-questions within) : 

1. Email templates:

   1.1 Were there issues when Email 2.0 was rolled out as default?

   1.2 How is your experience in editing an email template today? 

   1.3 What does your template to email ratio look like? (do you have one template for 100s of email or is the template count more?)

   1.4 How often do you use HTML to make changes?

2. Landing Page templates:

   2.1 What's the nature of your frequent edits to your Landing Page templates?

   2.2 If you've used Email 2.0 editors, What can we borrow from there?

   2.3 Is your Design team adept in HTML to make changes?


Our discussion can certainly span beyond the questions mentioned above. I'd certainly benefit by learning from you, on your usage and getting to know your requirements on templates/Design Studio. I'd be more than happy to set up some time and discuss over a call. 


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