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Can you use a Marketo lead ID instead of Email as a key in a form?

Question asked by Jon Wu on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by Jon Wu
I have a webhook that I'm using to associate a _mkto_trk cookie with leads as suggested by Marketo support. There's a lot of background there, but my goal was to associate a user's _mkto_trk with a duplciate lead synced in from Salesforce using the webhook. The problem is that the form uses Email is the key to figure out which lead to push the cookie to and Marketo often associates the cookie with the lead I don't want.

If I could submit leadId instead of email in the form, this would solve the issue. Is this an option? What hidden field name would this use in the form and how do I get the leadId from a token in my webhook?

I realize this seems pretty weird in terms of dealing with duplciates, and I'm also investigating other ways to handle that as well - perhaps by creating a webhook to trigger mergeLead logic from the SOAP API. The main issue we were trying to solve was, but support pointed me down this path.