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Is there a way to mass update fields being used in smart campaign flows?

Question asked by Lauren Lord on Jul 5, 2019

Sanford Whiteman

I'm currently resolving the need to mass update forms (need to switch out an old field for a new one), for which I think I've found the solution, and am exploring the API route. 


However, my question now is... 


Is there a simple/ mass way to update all campaign flow steps that use the old field, to the new field?


For example... 


Right now we ask for Job Title, but need to switch to a new field we have created call Job Function. We have smart campaign flows based on whether people indicate a certain Job Title, which will now need to change to Job Function in order to operate correctly. 


Is there an easy way to a) identify which flows use this old field and b) update them to the new one?


Look forward to your help, thanks!


**** Warner

Sanford Whiteman