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API questions: Engagement Programs Activity

Question asked by Frederic Pinchon on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by Frederic Pinchon

I am trying to build a report outside of Marketo similar to an Email performance report, after extracting to a data warehouse activity types 6,7,8 and more through Bulk API.

Everything was going well until I realized that Engagement Programs, if they are found in activity 6 under a Campaign ID, don't seem to be tied to a Program ID, and therefore I can't get an Email Name. Actually, the Campaign ID for those engagement programs is a SmartList, found under the SmartList asset endpoint, without Program attribute, whereas the regular email programs are found as attributes of the Campaign in the Campaign endpoint as any one would expect...


How can I find the Program Name associated to a Engagement Program Activity entry?



Sanford Whiteman wrote:

There's no exposed Activity Type ID for the cast as separate from the send. 

 You would have to triangulate this (roughly) by aggregating their last stream ID change (which is a separate event) with the send.


I am not sure if that could be a clue, as I cannot make sense of that explanation: where would I find that Cast transaction entry to match with the send?