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    Help with drip campaign = remove from list / remove from flow / keep adding new people to the program

    Nimisha Garg


      1. What is the difference between "remove from list" or "remove from flow"

      2. I have a campaign drip campaign and i have 3 groups.....

      Group 1 gets 8 emails each tuesday


      Group 2 gets 8 emails each wednesday and so on.


      I want to do a few things....each group will be a separate program.......and a list will be uploaded to each program

      1. I want to remove people from this list / program

      2. I want to keep the people who "did not unsubscribe" and have seen all the emails 1 - 8 and then restart with email 1

      3. I want to add new people to this program so they start getting emails "next tuesday" and start from email 1 till they reach email 8.



      Who can help me answer this?